Our Team.

Our team is our most important asset. Together they bring a diverse range of expertise, knowledge, skills all to ensure each individual help desk ticket and project is completed on time, on budget and to client satisfaction.

Alice Cassie Alice Cassie

Alice Cassie

Head of Consultancy

About Alice
Amanda Forsyth Amanda Forsyth

Amanda Forsyth

Support Lead

About Amanda
Darren Cadger Darren Cadger

Darren Cadger

Integrated Support Applications and Marketing Analyst

About Darren
Darren Simpson Darren Simpson

Darren Simpson

Business Applications Consultant

About Darren
Ewan Stewart Ewan Stewart

Ewan Stewart

Head of Customer Development

About Ewan
Kay Nicol Kay Nicol

Kay Nicol

Intuitive Lead

About Kay
Kayla Ingram Kayla Ingram

Kayla Ingram

Business Applications Support Analyst

About Kayla
Kevin Wyness Kevin Wyness

Kevin Wyness

Director & Co-Founder

About Kevin
Leon Mackenzie Leon Mackenzie

Leon Mackenzie

Business Application Support Analyst (Assist)

About Leon
Lewis Crawford Lewis Crawford

Lewis Crawford

Business Applications Consultant

About Lewis
Mike Charles Mike Charles

Mike Charles

Director & Co-Founder

About Mike
Sam Michie Sam Michie

Sam Michie

Business Applications Consultant

About Sam
Sarah Hafil Sarah Hafil

Sarah Hafil

Business Applications Support Analyst

About Sarah
Vince Vince

Vince Wood

Non-Executive Commercial Director

About Vince

We have experience where it counts.

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