Escone Assist

Escone Assist provides access to a team of OpenAccounts and eBIS system experts.

Our user-friendly business applications support helpdesk delivers peace of mind to finance teams when issues arise within their financial applications.

Escone Assist gives clients the confidence that their financial applications are in safe hands and managed by a team of specialists who work quickly and effectively to ensure minimal downtime for their team.

& Maintain

& Maintain

If you currently use OpenAccounts or eBIS, Escone Assist will give you access to a team of specialists with years of super user experience, avoiding the need for costly recruitment and overheads.

However, Escone does not stop with OpenAccounts and eBIS. Regardless of your business system, our team of application analysts act as a team of internal super users, supporting your business systems. We work quickly and effectively to provide the ongoing support and maintenance required to ensure your systems continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

For more information on Escone Assist, download our brochure here.

Escone Assist Brochure

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