Client Challenge

Peterhead-based pelagic fish processing company, Denholm Seafoods Limited, first approached Escone Solutions in 2017, to assist its finance team with its OpenPay Training and Holiday Averaging project. The team at Escone provided training, which helped the finance team track metrics and ensure Denholm Seafoods was compliant with the newly introduced complex holiday entitlement legislation.

Since then, Escone has continued to work with Denholm Seafoods on multiple projects, including implementing the eBIS Application, post-implementation projects within eBIS, a Fixed Asset project and Sales Invoicing. We have collaborated with the Denholm Seafoods team to continually enhance the use of the system, customising it to align with their preferred methods of working with OpenAccounts and eBIS.

Our Solution

Following initial discussions, we identified areas that could benefit operations and daily workflows, leading to the implementation of the eBIS application to streamline and enhance the way Denholm Seafoods used workflows to support the business.

The primary focus was on making improvements to OpenPay. Escone was able to equip the relevant staff members with the skills and knowledge required to handle the tasks around the programme, while streamlining the company operations. We also upgraded the holiday averaging process, ensuring both worker satisfaction and a clearer outlay for work processes for management.

Additionally, the adoption of the Escone Assist Service in 2023 has evolved into full system administrator support. By enabling Denholm Seafoods’ finance team daily access to OpenAccounts and eBIS system experts, they have forged a closer relationship with our consultants who can provide support when needed. As a result, full system process controls have been strengthened and auditing risks have been mitigated.

Moving forward

At the start of 2024, Denholm Seafoods announced it would begin work on a new £30m mackerel and herring processing facility and cold-store upgrade in Peterhead. As a result, the company is focussed on specific projects to improve current systems, including finalising work on the Fixed Assets Register and delivery of an OpenAccounts Budgeting Process. Escone will continue to work with Denholm Seafoods to identify ways of getting the most from existing applications without having to purchase additional third-party software.

The deeply collaborative relationship between both companies highlights the shared commitment to growth and excellence and has highlighted the power of a strong relationship with our clients. It shows how Escone employees can make a true change to a business, no matter the scale or industry.

We look forward to collaborating with the Denholm Seafoods Finance team on its future initiatives, working together to continuously improve and develop their systems according to their needs.

What did the Client Say?

Allan Stephen

Finance Director

Denholm Seafoods Limited

“Escone Solutions knowledge and experience of OpenPay and OpenAccounts has enabled Denholm Seafoods to improve processes and systems, we are looking forward to working with them on future projects.“

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