Client Challenge

The relationship between Escone Solutions and ScotRail Trains started in 2018 with Escone providing critical application support for OpenAccounts, eBIS and V1 during pivotal moments in the ScotRail journey, complementing the already high level of knowledge their team possessed. This included the transfer to public ownership in April 2022, with Escone ensuring a seamless transition for users to the new ScotRail Trains environment, which included a software upgrade.

Our Solution

Forms – Working together, ScotRail Trains and Escone identified the Procurement eBIS forms as a key function which required alteration to work within the new system. Workflow stages within the form were revised, giving users a clearer, more concise pathway for completing them with less risk of error. Furthermore, by including additional stages within the form, the Escone team were able to add a function which allowed users to reject a request back to specific stages, rather than having to return to the very beginning of the approval process. Previously, a request may have been four or five stages down the approval route and if rejected it would go back to the start and subsequently acceptance by all approvers would be required once again. This resulted in less burden for the end users and significant time-saving.

Several other bespoke and customised improvements were also put in place, such as building a simplified approval history tab into specific forms. This allows users to see the audit trail of specific requests clearly and allows ScotRail to report on, and analyse, the approval process.

The IMIR (Invoice Matching Instruction Request) form was completely reworked for the transition and included enhancements such as approval reminders and approval escalation which has helped to reduce the amount of time it takes requesters to resolve Invoice matching queries.

Other Upgrades Included – Visual upgrades were also implemented into the new ScotRail Trains eBIS environment with the requisition lines being updated to show custom fields and information which is useful to both the requester and approvers when viewing a request. An aesthetic upgrade was made to the eBIS menus, form button images and logos to refine the visual elements of eBIS, enhancing its overall look. eBIS was also updated to allow the approval and rejection of requests via mobile phones.

What’s Happened Since? 

Since this transition period, the working relationship between ScotRail Trains and Escone has continued. The Escone Assist team provides ScotRail with super-user support through its ticketing system and there has been new and ongoing project work, such as the implementation of a form which allows new user requests to be made through eBIS. This has allowed the new user process to be more easily audited and access to be more controlled. New forms were also introduced to allow ScotRail Trains to raise new, or modify existing, cost codes, expense codes, project codes and activity codes through eBIS. More recently the review of reports and the creation of a reporting catalogue has supported ScotRail Trains to deliver key information to the wider business efficiently.

What does the future hold?  

Escone Solutions is proud to continue its strong and collaborative working relationship with ScotRail Trains. The partnership has grown from strength to strength with seamless communication between both organisations, with ScotRail having access to Escone’s key contacts and of course the dedicated helpdesk, Escone Assist. Escone’s commitment to ScotRail Trains has continued to grow with regular catch-ups and check-ins, ensuring we remain responsive to whatever may be required from them. Looking towards the future there are also some exciting projects on the horizon, including supporting the implementation of Advanced Marketplace into eBIS, the ongoing maintenance of Marketplace and the automation of other key processes carried out by the ScotRail Trains team. Our dedication to ScotRail Trains has led to us being an integral part of ScotRail’s working operations and Escone is confident this partnership will continue to thrive and deliver exceptional results.

What did the Client Say?

Lynn Halliday

Senior Finance Manager

ScotRail Trains

“The Escone partnership has been one that has been invaluable, particularly following our transfer to Public Ownership in 2022. Escone understands us and what we are trying to achieve and is supporting us in improving our user experience while embedding controls and automating key processes.

With great knowledge of the applications and the personal approach from the small but effective team at Escone, we know we can deliver confidently. The team are on hand whenever we need them.”

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