Client Challenge

First Travel Solutions (FTS), a division of First Group, is a leading provider of transport management. Transporting over 1 million customers every year, FTS rely on a vital tool called GTI to manage their growing customer requirements. GTI is the bespoke system used by First Travel Solutions to accurately manage the full life cycle of their client bookings and supplier information. Recently, one of their experienced users of GTI left the business, resulting in some knowledge gaps in the system. FTS quickly identified a ‘route’ to solve this challenge and reduce potential risk to the business.

Our Solution

Escone analysed the GTI system, documenting current capabilities, licensing, on-going development and known issues. The system was effective but there was room for improvement to strengthen processes. A strategic product road map was developed alongside the FTS’s System Development Manager and Product Developer to implement improved functionality. This has enabled FTS to build closer system links with their UK customers and suppliers. In addition, a focus on improving change management and business controls is now underway. Due to the nature of the FTS business, controls must be flexible to prevent extended down time for their 24/7 business but must still ensure tasks are completed and signed off before being released into alive working environment.

What did the Client Say?

christopher lee

Christopher Lee

Systems Development Manager

First Travel Solutions

“The Escone Solutions team delivered invaluable insight and identified several opportunities for business improvement. They supported us to develop a consistent approach when capturing requirements, which focused on principles that effectively delivered best value through stakeholder management, collaboration, and risk control. I can highly recommend the entire Escone team, they all bring a deep understanding of applications to support our business environment ensuring everyone can participate, learn and share their knowledge and experience. Christopher Lee Systems Development Manager, FTS"

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